BG 1st Semester Political science Guess Paper, Check Important Questions Here

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  • Inscriotions are an important source for understanding India’s past?
  • Explain?
  • How religious sources help us in reconstructing India’s past?
  • Discuss the main features of Paleolithic age?
  • Discuss the main features of Neolitjic age
  • Discuss the Main features of Indus valley civilization?
  • How was later- Vedic ages society different from early- veddic age?
  • Discuss the causes of Second Urbanization?
  • Debate the decline of Mauryan Empire
  • Discuss the main teachings of Buddhism?
  • Discuss the foundation of Gupta dynasty?
  • Write a detailed note on relations between kashmir and central Asia?
  • Discuss the foundation of Karkotas dynasty

Short answer questions

  • Define Archaeology
  • Name four important Harappan sites
  • Name the four vedas
  • Write a short note on mesolithic pperiod
  • Who was chanakya
  • Write a short note on Jainism
  • Who were kushans
  • Whi was the founder of karkota dynasty
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