JKBOSE Warning to Private Schools of J&K, Details

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BOSE warns private schools in Jammu and Kashmir against misleading parents and students about affiliation status

Private schools in Jammu and Kashmir that are affiliated with the Board of School Education (BOSE) have been warned by the board to refrain from misleading parents and students about their affiliation status. The warning was issued in the form of a circular by the Secretary of JKBOSE to all affiliated private academic institutions.

The circular accused these schools of deceiving students by using hoardings that falsely indicated their affiliation with other recognized boards or teaching according to other educational patterns.

To prevent such fraudulent practices, the circular instructed all affiliated institutions to install signboards that clearly reflect their name, school code, and the name of the affiliating board – “Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education” – in bold letters.

In order to ensure compliance with this directive, the BOSE has instructed Deputy, Assistant, and Incharge Officers of the Sub and Branch Offices of the Kashmir Division to obtain an action taken report with photographic proof from all affiliated academic institutions in their respective domains.

The schools have been given a deadline of seven working days to submit the action taken report to the office of the Joint Secretary, General, Kashmir Division. According to a BOSE official, this directive is aimed at preventing further misleading of students and ensuring that academic institutions affiliated with the board maintain transparency in their operations.

These measures will help in safeguarding gullible students and upholding the integrity of educational institutions in Jammu and Kashmir.

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