Kashmir University Reschedules BG 5th Semester Fazila Examination for the batch of 2020

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The University of Kashmir has issued an important update regarding the BG 5th Semester Fazila Examination for the batch of 2020. The examination, which was initially scheduled for 16th May 2023 as per the previously released Date Sheet, has now been rescheduled. The new date for the examination is 22nd June 2023.

The rescheduled examination will be conducted during the April 2023 session at Govt. Women’s College Zukura. The timing for the examination remains unchanged, with the session set to commence at 02:30 p.m. Students are advised to take note of this revised date and make the necessary arrangements to ensure their presence on the specified day.

The subject for the examination is “Islamic Studies” with a specific focus on “Islamic Culture and Society in Kashmir.” This course offers valuable insights into the cultural and societal aspects of Islam within the Kashmir region.

It is important for all students belonging to the batch of 2020 who are pursuing the BG 5th Semester Fazila course to be aware of the rescheduled examination date. They are encouraged to prepare accordingly and plan their schedules to be present at the Govt. Women’s College Zukura examination venue.

The University of Kashmir requests all students to arrive at the examination venue well in advance of the scheduled time. It is vital to adhere to all guidelines and instructions provided by the university and examination authorities to ensure a smooth and organized examination process. Additionally, students must bring the required identification and examination-related documents as per the university’s rules and regulations.


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